Bristol Fair Trade Network

Bristol Fair Trade Network brings together local people, businesses and organisations in support of small-scale farmers and workers across the globe under the Fair Trade system.


Our vision is of a city that recognises and celebrates the transformative power of Fair Trade, comes together to demand better availability of Fair Trade in its shops and services, and so uses its collective voice and buying power to give farmers and workers around the world a better deal.

To make this vision a reality, our Network collaborates…


…with people: to raise awareness of the damaging effects of unfair trade, increase understanding of the role of Fair Trade as part of the solution, and to celebrate Fair Trade in Bristol with the help of our volunteers and supporters.


…with organisations: to promote and celebrate their support of Fair Trade in local manufacturing, retail and workplaces. Our work with businesses recognises their immense potential to drive uptake of Fair Trade at the same time as boosting the local economy.


…with local policy makers: to ensure that Bristol’s public services and places make choosing Fair Trade easy for everyone in the city.


Bristol is a Fairtrade City. As a CIC, Bristol Fair Trade Network is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, and our work is led by a funded professional coordinator. Our volunteers play an important role in carrying out the work of the Network. Meet the team here.