Elaine Ashley

Chair of the Board

Elaine has volunteered with Bristol Fair Trade since 2005, and has been a supporter of Fairtrade since its early days. She gained a reputation in the 1990s for encouraging her colleagues to eat more Traidcraft Fairtrade chocolate biscuits than was good for them. Today, Elaine works for Bristol City Council and in 2014 was the first person to receive an Advocate Award at the South West Fairtrade Business Awards for her instrumental role in encouraging the use of Fairtrade products in council outlets. She believes that shifting the power balance in trade towards small-scale producers and businesses is one of the best ways to achieve greater equality and social justice in the world.  


Fair Trade favourite - A chilled glass of Coop Argentinian Pinot Grigio

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Jenny Foster

Board of Directors

Jenny was the Fairtrade Coordinator for Bristol and the South West for 10 years.  After 2 years as Regional Manager at The Leprosy Mission, Jenny is now Project Lead at the Global Goals Centre.

Fair Trade favourite - Liberation Nuts Get Up and Glow


Lucy Gatward

Board of Directors

Lucy was the Marketing Manager at Bristol’s independent organic retailer Better Food for 13 years. During that time she helped lead Better Food’s marketing activity around Fair Trade, including their infamous Fair Trade cocktail evenings for Fairtrade Fortnight. She has also worked at the Soil Association, marketing the Food for Life Served Here Award. She is a mentor for Catalyse Change, a programme inspiring young women to become the game-changing environmentalists of the future.

Fair Trade favourite - Zaytoun Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Kirstie Gillies

Board of Directors - Treasurer


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Roger James

Board of Directors - Secretary

Roger has campaigned and advocated for Fairtrade for many years, and was instrumental as then South West Oxfam Campaigns Organiser in first persuading Bristol City Council to adopt Fairtrade policies. He sees Fairtrade as a consumer and business movement that not only delivers practical and transformative development, but also builds public awareness of trade issues to promote long term policy change. He also thinks Fairtrade products taste great!


Fair Trade favourite - Green & Black’s Maya Gold Chocolate – 1994 Fairtrade vintage!