Fairtrade: good for people, planet and your business

Purchasing or stocking Fair Trade products, using Fair Trade ingredients, raising awareness of Fair Trade and the important global issues it tackles… supporting Fair Trade in these ways will benefit your business too.

Good for people, planet and your business

Good for your organisation

The FAIRTRADE mark has the highest brand recognition and trust rates of all ethical consumer certifications*. Aligning your business choices with Fair Trade demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to ethical trade and helps potential customers pick out your brand as a responsible business. As many as 88% of consumers have said they would be more likely to buy from a company that supports activities to improve society.

Using and supporting Fair Trade products and supply chains in your organisation will place you in a strong position to enter the annual South West Fair Trade Awards. When you receive your award, Bristol Fair Trade Network will share your achievements, and you’ll gain customer and peer to peer visibility through our online directory and events.

Engaging with Fair Trade and the South West Fair Trade Awards will evidence your internal Corporate Social Responsibility activity, whilst purchasing Fair Trade certified products and ingredients will help you achieve transparency in your supply chains. There may be other, sector-specific benefits too – contact us to find out more.

We run networking events for businesses which can be a great way to stay connected with local businesses who share your values and work together to make the most of supporting Fair Trade in the workplace.

*93% and 83% respectively, Fairtrade International Globescan Consumer Study 2015

Good for people and planet

Buying Fair Trade certified products means ensuring better prices and working conditions. Schemes such as the FAIRTRADE mark impact more than 1.65 million small-scale farmers and workers worldwide. It means that the people producing the things we can’t do without – from tea to cotton, coffee to chocolate – get a fair deal and are empowered through the protection of their rights in the workplace. These values are enforced by the setting of a minimum product price, a Social Premium for business and community investment, and a wide-reaching set of standards. Read more about what Fairtrade means.

Fairtrade also supports sustainable trade and agriculture, considering environmental stewardship, gender equality, productivity, impact in producer communities and much more. Read about the wider impacts of Fairtrade.

Good for staff

Supporting Fair Trade is a great way to engage your staff. Every cup of Fair Trade tea made in the office reminds your colleagues of their organisation’s ethical values, which has been identified as a priority ahead even of high pay for 76% of employees.

Bristol businesses can use their volunteer time to support Bristol Fair Trade activities. Find out more here.

Fair Trade is a relevant and powerful focus for your own CSR events. It gives staff a common purpose that ties in with your organisation’s own values and practices, as well as the choices they make outside the workplace, and connects both with our shared impact in the wider world. Let us know about your Fair Trade event and we’ll list it for free on our website.

Going for Gold

Supporting Fair Trade in your business, whether it be through using Fair Trade products and ingredients, engaging staff and customers or supporting Fair Trade activity locally and nationally, puts you in an excellent position to enter the South West Fair Trade Business Awards. The Awards are free to enter and offer a framework for organisations to gradually increase their commitment to Fair Trade. As well as having their achievements celebrated each year in a high profile ceremony, award winners will benefit from publicity on receiving their award, the continued visibility of being listed in the Local Fair Traders directory, and receiving materials to promote their award. Read more about the Awards.